21 most famous vegetarian dishes of Kolkata

21 most famous vegetarian dishes of Kolkata

While Bengali cuisine is known for its love of fish and meat dishes, there are also several delicious vegetarian options in West Bengal. Here are some famous vegetarian dishes from the region:

  1. Shorshe Phulkopi: These are cooked in a tangy mustard sauce and served with rice or roti.

  2. Dhokar Dalna: Lentil cakes made from ground lentils, fried, and then cooked in a spicy curry with potatoes.

  3. Shorshe Aloo: Potatoes cooked in a mustard sauce, often paired with steamed rice or roti.

  4. Mochar Ghonto: A flavorful dish made from banana flowers, cooked with spices, grated coconut, and sometimes with potatoes.

  5. Shobji Diye Bhaja Muger Dal: Yellow split moong dal cooked with seasonal vegetables, such as pumpkin, brinjal (eggplant), and radish, and flavored with spices.

  6. Chanar Dalna: Cottage cheese (chana) dumplings cooked in a rich and spicy gravy, often served with rice or luchi (deep-fried bread).

  7. Begun Bhaja: Sliced eggplant marinated in spices and fried until crispy. It is a popular side dish in Bengali meals.

  8. Potoler Dolma: Pointed gourd stuffed with a spiced mixture of paneer (cottage cheese), nuts, and raisins, then cooked in a rich tomato-based gravy.

  9. Shorshe Batar Chorchori: Mixed vegetables cooked with mustard paste and spices, resulting in a flavorful and aromatic dish.

  10. Kumro Patai Posto: Pumpkin leaves cooked with poppy seed paste, creating a delicious and nutritious dish.

  11. Narkel Diye Cholar Dal: Bengal gram lentils cooked with grated coconut, raisins, and flavored with spices like cinnamon and bay leaf.
  12. Aloo Posto: Potatoes cooked in a poppy seed paste, often enjoyed with steamed rice or roti.

  13. Chhanar Kalia: Paneer (cottage cheese) cooked in a rich, aromatic gravy made with tomatoes, onions, and spices.

  14. Bandhakopir Ghonto: Cabbage cooked with potatoes and spices, often served as a side dish.

  15. Labra: A mixed vegetable curry made with various vegetables like pumpkin, potatoes, beans, and eggplant, flavored with a blend of spices.

  16. Bhaja Moonger Dal: Dry roasted and ground green gram lentils, commonly used as a garnish or flavoring agent in various dishes.

  17. Shorshe Begun: Eggplant cooked in a mustard sauce, offering a unique blend of flavors.

  18. Chhanar Payesh: A rich and creamy dessert made with cottage cheese, milk, and sugar, garnished with nuts and saffron.

  19. Phulkopir Dalna: This is one pf the famous Bengali dish made with cauliflower and potato.
  20. Shorshe Phool: Also known as Moringa flowers, these are cooked in a tangy mustard sauce and served with rice or roti.
  21. Radhaballavi: This is a popular Bengali delicacy that consists of deep-fried bread stuffed with a flavorful lentil filling. It is often served as a special breakfast or as a part of festive meals.

These vegetarian dishes showcase the creativity and diversity of Bengali cuisine, offering a range of flavors and textures for those who prefer plant-based options.

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