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We are an e-commerce website with a goal to sell best quality regional cuisine and food products from West Bengal to across India at a reasonable price. We are here to celebrate the amazing taste & diverse flavor that our State has to offer. Also, needs to mention that some of our regional products are so unique, popular and delicious, yet not available anywhere on the e-world. So enjoy the delicacies you dreamt of !  

The story behind India Cuisine

Every state has its own flavor, as Delhi is famous for Chaat & Parathas, Punjab and Haryana is famous for Paneer cuisines, Kali Dal and Tanduri Rotis, South India is famous for Idli, Dosa, Uttapam, Vada and Upma, Gujarat is famous for Dhokla, gathiya, papdi, Rajasthan is famous for Dal, Bati, Churma and gatte ki sabji and many more, and we love all these. Like all these states, West Bengal is also famous for its authentic regional cuisines, few of them are Rajbhog, Moti Pak, Rosogolla, Sandesh, (typical bengali sweets), Darjeeling tea, Nolen Gur and Muri. Even there are so many which are not that famous, like Bengali masalas, after meal, snacks and many more.
In Bengal people are in the habbit of eating a sweet after their meal. After few days of lockdown we are out of stock with our sweets and I feel craving of a sweet after every meal, at times we are having homemade sweets but we always miss the taste of authentic Bengali Sweet, here the story of India Cuisine has been started. I always wanted to start my e-commerce business and during pandemic I got time to shape my dream. I started research on authentic local Brands and realized that they gained years of faith and recognition worldwide, yet unorganized. I saw huge potential in this sector and now my dream is to provide the Cuisines of West Bengal in every Indian meal. 

The Right people In the right job 

Umashankar Mishra, Owner

Umashankar has started his Trading Business at the age of 18, having more than 20 years of enriched experience in the industry, making him the best choice for marketing, and negotiation.

Shruti Mishra​, Advisor

Shruti is a Company Secretary and Cost Accountant, having more than 9 years of experience in varied profile of Company Law, finance, accounts and costing. She  worked with MNC and top Indian companies, making her the best choice as advisor.
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