The only reason I would love to be born in Kolkata than anywhere else in the world!

The only reason I would love to be born in Kolkata than anywhere else in the world!

Okay, this will sound like a Lil foodie but have you ever heard of a place known as the paradise of sweets? 

Yes! a place as such exists, The City of Joy is famous for its music, cinema, and scrumptious food, mainly the mouth-watering sweets. 

In fact, it’s rather hard not to run right into a sweet shop in almost each corner of the city, including the narrowest of the lanes. And, it’s similarly hard to find a Bengali who is not in love with their ‘mishti’. 

Kolkatans are incredibly proud of the sweets of Bengal and their unique appeal. And for a good reason too Bengali sweets have wooed Indians and foreigners alike. Sweets also are an important a part of the culture and tradition of the city. 

Be it during festivals or weddings or just greeting guests, Bengali sweets are constantly the stars of the show. Moreover, sweets have over and over made their look in Bengali pop culture inclusive of movies and novels. 

Almost every and each Bengali believes their ‘mishti’s to be greater than just food; it is an emotion etched in the very essence of their being. 

So stay with us, as we take a fascinating peek into the world of Bengali sweets. But the catalog of sweets to be had in the city is much wider than that. 

Top 10 Best Bengali Food to Salvage Upon!

The Bengalis definitely love their sweets, and on most occasions or even in everyday food lots of sweets after a meal is a must. It a breakfast jalebi earlier than work, the mishti do on a lunch date at a resort in Kolkata, or the evergreen rosogolla at some stage in at a wedding, there is always space for sweets in the food of Kolkata. 

We promise, once you bite into those gentle and soft wonders, you’ll be transported to another world altogether. But enough talk, let’s get you started.


Here is a sweet that is going with Bengali food. Simple however heavenly, those tender balls and sponges soaked in sugar syrup make up the final luxury food for lots.


'Ledikini', a fried sweet crafted from 'chhana' which may additionally were named after girl Canning, the wife of Lord Canning. The sweet was organized with the aid of renowned sweet maker Bhim Nag for his birthday. Bhim Nag and Dwarik Ghosh have been famous Bengal smiths.

Kheer Kodom

All the great things are available in small applications, and this scrumptious marvel from Bengal is no exception. The tiny rasgulla lined in milk cream and coated with floor Chrys is a fave of sweet lovers. Say good day to happiness!

Khirer Chop

Khirer chop is a splendid blend of flour, suji, milk, sugar, nuts, and bread crumbs. Full of kheer, this chop is lightly sprinkled with sugar syrup. Chunk into that little luggage to get a bit of heaven.

Bhapa Doi

Unlike the Bengali mishti doi, bhapa doi is made via blending yoghurt with condensed milk and then steamed. Even though it seems like pudding, it has no gelatin at all, and is wholesome and funky as properly. Experience getting out of the refrigerator with extraordinary decorations of almonds and pistachios.

Chanar Jeelapi

Made with sparkling milk paneer, khoya and maida, chanar Jeelapi is every other mouth-watering delicacy from Bengal so one can go away you wanting greater. Fried and seasoned with sugar syrup, this juicy delicacy is what your candy tooth craves!

Pati Shapta

Pati Shapta is a conventional Bengali dessert this is part of Bong's youth reminiscences. Organized for unique activities like Poila Boishakh (Bengali New 12 months), this is India's solution to desserts. Those thin crepes made with maida, sooji, and rice flour are complete of grated coconut and taste correct.


That is a spin-off on the North Boondi laddu. This candy sugar is crafted from bonde (another Bengali sweet) wrapped in laddoo with many available end result and dried fruit. Who're you hungry for?


When you have study about this sweetness, you have got already heard this however to emphasize, Pantua is not Gulab Jamun. Pantera is made from Cottage cheese or Chhana Bengali, combined with semolina and flour. Then the blended dough is thoroughly floored and rinsed with sugar syrup.

Joynagarer Moa

Every iciness, Joyanagarer Moa might come along. Make Nolen Gur or Jaggery with date plant life, Khoi (a sort of rice), Gawa ghee, posto, and every different. Moa, has its roots in Joynagar, in which sweets are made with seasonal elements. On the time of the wintersweet shops selling Joyngarer moa, different Nolen Gur products got here from throughout Kolkata. No matter in which your resort is in Kolkata, you will locate the Joynagarer Moa save at the corner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the delicious meal in Kolkata?

Mohan Bhog. A fave of conventional Bengali chocolates, Mohan Bhog is a delicious semolina-based dish. To be had in a diffusion of paperwork and sizes, this wealthy and scrumptious sugar is the first-rate meal for a spread of activities!

What are Bengali sweets made for?

Bengali candies contain lots of whole milk, heavy creams, nuts, cardamom, and different precise Oriental flavors.

What are some of the meals which can be prepared for candy stores in Kolkata?

The following are a number of the many candy shops regarded for their guidance:

Namkeens, Milk liquids, Snacks, and so on.

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